We’ve been working hard to create the perfect working environment for locals and visitors of Tulum and we’re so proud of how it’s coming along! Here’s a little bit about what we’re doing to make this place beautiful:

  • Located just off the main highway and adjacent to Parque Colonia Croc, cialis the CKT facade is undergoing a fresh and inviting facelift.
  • Our entrance foyer includes the Coworking Karma welcome desk, buy a snack bar, wash room facility and sitting area.
  • We’re custom building our coworking desk stations to be spacious and functional with outlets and USB ports at every seat, space to crack open one or two laptops with room for jotting down notes in your Moleskine.
  • Our technology has to be just as impressive, so we’re installing several internet hubs within the space to ensure fast, reliable speed.
  • Finally, we’re designing things to be easily rearranged for the many events we’re planning to host

(Between you and me, this is just phase one. We’ve got plans to begin construction on phase two a little later, that includes an outdoor zen space for working, meeting and enjoying the tropical Riviera Maya climate!)

Because of Tulum’s amazing people, its unique environment and its offset geography, we’re building Coworking Karma to be a center of the community; a hub that invites local residents and short or long stay visitors to exchange and grow together. We’re all about good space, good people, good karma — and in that spirit, our space won’t be for working alone. It’ll be for lively events, learning and networking opportunities.

Stop by Coworking Karma Tulum and say hi! We’ll tell you how you can get a free, one-time only, half day at CKT. In the mean time, let’s be friends on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Follow us and we’ll follow you right back!