Traveling professionals, see expats and digital nomads need a productive and reliable space to work in while on the go. We at Coworking Karma are location independent business professionals as well, sickness so we understand that internet is everyone’s number one priority. Depending on your location, travelers and even residents of Tulum and other parts of the Riviera Maya area can be in a home or office space with spotty, unreliable wireless internet. That’s why Coworking Karma Tulum makes having wifi while you work, our number one priority.

Besides the fast reliable internet, optimizing your business so that you can continue to get grow, get paid and travel, is essential. Here are our top three web-based tools for ensuring a smoothly-run business while traveling to Mexico or anywhere in the world.

Keep In Touch with Boomerang

Clients and customers want to know that you’re on top of things. Communication is paramount. When you’re preparing to take a 14-day cruise or 10-hour flight, unanswered emails and scheduled deadlines can go missed. Use an auto responder, as well as a pre-scheduled email service like Boomerang. This productivity tool is your new best friend. Here’s what it lets you do:

  • Send pre-composed emails at a later date time, complete with attachments and links if needed
  • Set follow-up emails, according to specific date and time, after an email has been sent
  • Set automatic follow-up emails for emails that have gone unanswered after a pre-defined time
  • Receive notification of when your emails were received and read

You can then easily update your email settings to include an aut0-responder that gives contacts a heads up that you’re traveling, out of office or will respond to their inquiry within a certain period of time.

Check out Boomerang Here 

Keep Those Receivables Coming with These Invoicing Services:

You want to get paid, right? On time? Let’s make paying invoices simple for your clients and customers. There are literally tons of invoicing subscription services out there, but here are our favorites:

  • Freshbooks — Freshbooks is a paid invoicing and accounting service that let’s freelancers and small businesses go all out with getting paid in a “fresh” way. You can set up simple or complex customer profiles, set automatic reminders for payments, receive deposits, track time, input expenses and keep everything in one place. Plus, Freshbooks connects with some of your favorite remote tools like Paypal, Stripe, Proposify and WooCommerce to make your workflow seamless! It seriously gives Quickbooks a run for its money.
  • Square — You may be familiar with Square as a mobile POS (point-of-sale) device that anyone can quickly attach to their phone, swipe a card and get paid. It was built mostly for retail, restaurants or any business with a kiosk. About a year ago, Square introduced Square Invoicing for freelancers and small businesses alike. So, if you’re a surf instructor who has monthly classes or a broker who receives monthly retainer payments, Square has a simple send and get paid template — plus Square handles all of the payment processing.
  • Paypal — Everyone has a Paypal account these days. Aside from paying for things online, or sending money to family and friends, you can use Paypal to set up super quick invoices and get paid in no time! Paypal is probably the least feature-rich option out there, but because of its popularity, many people forego the bells and whistles. Of course Paypal includes its own payment processor, but it also can make funds immediately available via its own Paypal Master Debit Card, which is almost like your bank, making funds available to you for card or ATM transactions!

Don’t Slack on Being Social

If your business has a social media presence (and it should), then you know that keeping up with status updates and image or video posts can slip your mind, but it doesn’t have to — there’s an app for that. Use Hootsuite, a social media manager site to keep your pages updated and engaging to its followers. For a free account, you can manage about three or four profiles like Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Here’s how to maximize Hootsuite:

  • Take two solid hours on a Sunday afternoon and complete two weeks of pre-scheduled posts.
  • Ensure that your posts are a variety of regular text posts, links, images and video.
  • Don’t use the same content on every single social channel. If you’re posting an image of the beach on Facebook, add a link to an article or fun-fact on Twitter.
  • Always use your industry’s keywords in your posts, because these statuses are public, and Google does index them. It only helps your business when you use the same keywords from website to social media pages.
  • Pre-schedule your posts during the optimal time of day. Your best time for post will vary from that of another business. Depending on your content and the industry you’re in, send out tweets and statuses according to the time people seem to be viewing, liking, commenting and sharing. For example, if you’re a yoga instructor, it might make sense to post inspiration quotes or images of poses early in the morning for early risers.

We hope these remote working tools help you to better your business. When in Mexico and the Riviera Maya area, let us at Coworking Karma Tulum provide the perfect environment for connecting with locals and expats, and getting work done in a spacious, relaxing environment!